hwt is the open-source terminal application to rule them all.

Finding hard to remember all these pesky commands and flags for your CLI applications? Use hwt to use them with natural language.
Example usage, in your terminal:
$ hwt print the path of the current directory
+----------------------+                | Press Enter to execute the command.
| Commands to execute: |                | Move between commands ⬆, ⬇ .
+----------------------+                | Press Esc/C-c to exit the program.
1.   pwd
// or you could ask
$ hwt list all the running docker containers
// or ...
$ hwt update python
It's an open-source alternative to Github Copilot CLI. You need an OpenAI API key to get started.
// To use hwt, you need to have Node and NPM installed
$ npm install -g @spcpl/hwt
// After that, you need to initialize it with your OpenAI API key.
$ hwt --init